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Fri Aug 2 15:55:04 EDT 2013

Almana no Kiseki Map Rips

As you can see, new blog software. No comments are possible with this new software, but that'll keep everything easier for me. I only copied over the articles that I felt were worth saving. If you're looking for any of the older ones,'s wayback machine has them archived.

The other day I watched a TAS of Almana no Kiseki and thought it looked pretty fun aside from the horrible glitch abuse that was going on. Also the music is amazing. So I started playing and I really enjoyed it. It really is a great game. Everybody should play it at least once. So, naturally, I ordered a disk of it (it's on Famicom Disk System), and started playing in an emulator while I wait for it. But after getting a 1-life clear on stream, I felt like I wanted to go further. I wanted to Real-Time Attack it! So I set to work making maps of the stages.

I decided that it would be too difficult to rip the stages by screenshots and stitching, so I chose to rip apart the map files on the disk. I wrote a tool to expand FDS disk rips to raw files (I may upload this) and a tool that converts stage data and CHR data to a .bmp (I will not upload this), and then I just converted the .bmp files to .png to cut down on the size. I am not releasing the tool for ripping for two reasons:

  1. The code is abysmal and barely works and so many hacks that I'm frankly quite ashamed of
  2. It requires you to cook the CHR data from other files on disk

The images have a few bits that are different from the actual stage (not sure why), but they're minimal enough that I didn't feel it was worth fixing. The enemies also aren't rendered, but instead it draws the object ID (unimportant) on the top, and the object type (important) on the bottom. Links to the maps and small previews below.

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