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Sun Nov 9 03:27:38 EST 2014

WonderWitch Dumped

A few weeks ago I picked up WonderSwan hacking again, and thought it might be a good idea to preserve the WonderWitch software and get it emulated. So I used a cart dumper I wrote a while ago to dump my WonderWitch's ROM, and sent it to Ryphecha, developer of Mednafen. After a few days of tinkering, she managed to get it working and was able to communicate to the emulated WonderWitch. Great success! Now I also wanted the released dumps of this to be completely clean, without any of the software I had on there and without my dumper. So she spent a bit of time figuring out how to do that, and thus we have it. In addition, she graciously reflashed the firmware, to be completely sure that it was clean, and also flashed a second version of the firmware, so we now have two dumped versions! I know there are more around, but for now we have FreyaOS 1.2.0 and FreyaOS 1.1.5. This is a release post, so here are the necessary ROM images. They will not work on any current version of any WonderSwan emulator, but I believe it will be in a Mednafen release at some point. Most importantly, the software is now preserved.

Once again, massive thanks to Ryphecha for putting in a lot of work to clean these dumps up for release!

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